Estates, Probate and Trusts

Help for Trustees, Executors and Families

If you are a trustee or executor of your parent’s or family’s possessions and properties, Mary can help you organize the many tasks that fall to you. When a loved one dies or is incapacitated, it is overwhelming to have to sort and make arrangements or downsize one’s possessions. Emotions, grieving, bickering or confused family members and an unorganized environment can bring you physically and emotionally to a standstill. Mary can help sort and organize the papers, arrange donation and shredding services, sort items, help you physically get things moved and work with your other service providers as needed.

“Every situation is unique and brings its own challenges. In addition to helping clients with this responsibility, I have gone through it myself so understand the emotions and need for balanced and caring, forward action. Let’s discuss your needs – I’m Within Reach at 616-453-2976.”

My husband and I hired Mary after my dad passed away to help us organize and sort out all the papers and documents my dad had accrued over his 99 years of life. Everything had to be cleaned out and coordinated before the people could orchestrate the sale of his furniture and belongings. Her empathy and kind demeanor was very comforting to us for an extremely emotional and arduous task. I will be forever grateful to Mary for getting us through a situation that we found overwhelming. – Dennis & Cynthia Burden