ADHD and Other Organizing Challenges

Within Reach Organizing can help you with…

  • Home and space decluttering and organizing
  • Helping simplify life and schedule
  • Identifying methods for controlling impulse spending and consumption
  • Helping create appropriate time and self-management strategies for you and family
  • Creating customized simple systems for you to stay organized
  • Helping you maintain your space, projects and organization over time as needed
  • Helping with paperwork and getting important tasks done
  • Office organizing and focus management
  • Coaching and accountability partnering
  • Virtual organizing consulting for the DIY or out of service area client

Organizing and staying focused is hard enough for neuro-typical and physically active individuals. When it comes to ADD/ADHD, depression, loss, anxiety, chronic pain, overwhelm, physical limitations (including short term after a surgery or injury), sight impairments, fatigue and other challenges many face, organizing can feel downright paralyzing. A developing complication for many in the Boomer generation is the added responsibility of aging parents or spouses who struggle with declining mental acuity, dementia and Alzheimer’s. A seasoned and specially educated professional organizer more successfully works with clients who chronically struggle with disorganization, focus and/or working memory issues.

“I am here to partner with you or your family member every step of the way – coaching, consulting and physically organizing so you can be your best and focus on the things that matter most. I am here to support and make things happen in a judgement-free zone. It’s time to put you first – let’s discuss your needs and wants today.”

I have lived in chaos for 54 years. My desk was a nightmare; I could not find anything because I had saved EVERYTHING! I was totally out of control. The CHAOS in my life had reached crises proportion. My health, sanity, and employment were in jeopardy.
Over the past 35 years, I have spent more than $10,000 trying to ‘get organized.’ I have purchased self-help books, CD’s, videos, and have attended seminars on organization and time management only to be buried under feelings of failure.
Mary Dykstra has given me back my life. We have worked together to not only organize but to form strategies and routines that help me achieve a high level of efficiency, confidence, control, and success. The changes in my life are profound. I have earned the respect of my peers and my employers. I went into my last quarterly review with confidence and pride in my accomplishments. In less than six months, my sales increased 19 percent – I’m now an asset to myself as well as my company.
– Pamela Hild, Customer service professional

I started working with Mary about 15 years ago. I was caring for my mother and managed all of her medical and financial issues. I was overwhelmed and had no clue how to keep important papers organized so they were easy to access. Mary walked into a horrible mess of papers in garbage bags. She helped me decide what needed to be kept and set up filing systems for both my mom’s papers and my own. Since that time she has organized my whole house. After the death of my mother, she also helped me with all that it took to resolve the estate.
Mary always makes sure things are convenient and easy (I have physical limitations) and on occasion, has even taken me to doctors appointments and dropped off homemade meals post- surgery. She goes above and beyond. She is nonjudgmental, very caring and always easy to work with. I am sooo happy that I made that first appointment so many years ago.
– Nola Gricar