Work Solutions

Did You Know?

  • The average executive spends six weeks a year, looking for information in disorganized offices and electronic devices?
  • Americans work 164 more hours per year than our counterparts 20 years ago? That’s the equivalent of one extra working month each year.
  • Stress related illnesses cost the nation $300 billion per year?
  • The average person deals with 100’s of interruptions a day via email, phone, mail, unplanned drop-ins and meetings?

Within Reach can help you with…

  • Time and focus management for better productivity
  • Small office organizing
  • Leveraging your office desk and storage spaces
  • Reducing the impact of interruptions
  • Thinking and acting strategically
  • Organized thinking and resource management in a multi-level marketing business
  • Organizing and focus management for entrepreneurs and creatives
  • Work solutions for ADHD distracted individuals

Mary specializes in strategically working with entrepreneurs and small businesses struggling with “having to do it all”. Bringing in an expert to help set up workable systems can keep you on top of the daily details while you focus on the big picture. Mary can identify timesaving strategies and efficient office and storage space configurations that maximize workflow and productivity.

Hiring a professional organizer with extensive practical experience gives you an added edge to staying ahead of your competition. Mary helps her clients identify their highest payoff activities and leverage their time to the highest degree. Because she understands the language of business, she knows how to get things done.

Contact Mary to discuss how she can help you build systems for success.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you can’t get more time.” ― Jim Rohn

What I love about Mary is that she not only builds a system that works for you [versus some generic thing], and works with you in a manner that is comfortable for you, she teaches you skills, empowering you. She is patient, kind, warm and caring. And after what seems like we were chatting a bit, I realized we were done – how did that happen? Mary wants her clients to be satisfied, confident, and comfortable with the work we do with her. It is truly a partnership – my stuff and her knowledge. And together we go through deciding what to keep and what to let go, reducing stress and anxiety by removing clutter. I can’t recommend her enough! I am continuing to use her services, not because the work we’ve done needs re-doing, but because I have three offices and we’ve only done 2! – Regina McClinton, Director, Institute for Intercultural Teaching & Learning, GVSU

Mary is a wonderful individual to work with. Talk about organized, she’s always ready to contribute whatever is necessary to help your projects facilitate smoothly to a professional and productive conclusion. She is extremely knowledgeable, creative and outgoing and has an undeniable talent for helping others see the big picture and achieve their goals and dreams. – Kim Monaghan PCC CPRW CPBS, Human Resources Career Consultant