It’s Skinny Down Your Photos Day!

With many people at home looking for projects to get done, don’t forget to review your electronic and paper photos. Most people these days have 1000’s of photos on their phones, tablets and computers. This is a great time to shrink those numbers, revisit some of the great memories and share some of your best photos to enrich other people’s day. Continue reading “It’s Skinny Down Your Photos Day!”

Gratitude During Tough Times

As I write this during the Covid19 “Stay at Home Order” I think about how blessed with resources we are in the USA. Our hardships are minimal in the global scope. There are billions of people globally who do not have access to clean water, a permanent home, basic sanitation, enough food to feed their families, lack medical care and live with regime lockdowns not associated with health, etc.

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It was beautiful in the store but looks like clutter in my home. What happened?

Marketers call it staging. When you look at an item in a store, catalog or online, you are literally seduced by a beautifully staged and marketed item. It is presented in a simple environment with great lighting and space around it. It is a focal point. The problem is, that for most of us, that is NOT the environment it will be displayed in our homes. Our homes are ‘messy’ with our items of daily living and past purchases.
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