It was beautiful in the store but looks like clutter in my home. What happened?

Marketers call it staging. When you look at an item in a store, catalog or online, you are literally seduced by a beautifully staged and marketed item. It is presented in a simple environment with great lighting and space around it. It is a focal point. The problem is, that for most of us, that is NOT the environment it will be displayed in our homes. Our homes are ‘messy’ with our items of daily living and past purchases.

When you see store items, they are shown to appeal to your sense of potential. You look at the item, be it a cookbook, sofa or vase, and mentally imagine it enhancing your life and space just like it does in the picture or store. “Wouldn’t this be cute in the bedroom?” or “I could make these really beautiful appetizers for a party”.

How often have you found yourself buying that irresistible item and when you got it home, it sat in the bag or got put on a shelf with multiple other items and it all of the sudden lost its shine? This happens a lot. So, what can you do to not fall victim to buying stuff you don’t need or have a place for?

First, just being aware of marketers trying to own your mind and debit card will go a long way to reducing clutter in your home and will help you save money and space for a better future. In addition to that, follow these simple steps:

  • Before you shop, have pictures of your room, closet or space on your phone so you can look at it in context.
  • Consciously think about the fate of prior purchases. Did they make you feel good long term or were they quickly forgotten or make you feel it was not the highest use of your dollars?
  • Before you commit to buying the item, make sure you know it will have a cleared place to go and be actively enjoyed.

These steps will help you make more informed and conscious choices about how you spend your money, time and energy. For more information about decluttering your mind, space and life, please connect with me. I’m Within Reach Organizing Services. Happy living!